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Ronda Benware – Board Chair

Ronda has committed her life to helping those in need and children rate high on the list. She realized her passion early.  In the eighth grade she dedicated her summer to helping children in a reading literacy program.  Her greatest desire is helping children and young people recognize their potential. Her calm and patient demeanor serves as a conduit to getting young people to trust and believe she has their best interest at heart.

Ronda Benware began her career in Hospital Administration, first as an Intake Representative in an emergency room and later as a Financial Counselor. Her commitment to clients, their families, and co workers attributed to building positive customer relationships and earned her commendations for excellence in customer service management.

An unexpected career change landed Ronda with the opportunity and honor of working for two California State Senators, Senators Theresa Hughes and Edward Vincent. As a liaison for the state she interfaced with constituents, city and government officials, non -profit organizations, etc. on behalf of the Senator. Hereto her willingness to help others in crucial situations prevailed. Going beyond the call of duty to help constituents upheld the reputation of the senator’s office as one of hard-working, dedicated and loyal staff.

Returning to school she set her goal on attaining a degree in Business Administration, but soon changed her major to pursue her passion to teach. Taking classes at night, maintaining a family and working full-time deemed chaotic at times but with prayer, a strong faith and determination she completed her goal with a BA in Liberal Studies.

Ronda is volunteering in the capacity of Youth Director and Director of Education at her church, Hamilton UMC, Los Angeles. She mentors on an average, ten youth and five children. Her passion to strengthen her young people’s awareness has no boundaries. From visiting a meditation garden located in the inner city to camping retreats in the Angeles Forest, to learning CPR, or participating in  a graduation recognition officiated by the President of Charles Drew University, Dr. David Carlisle, she delights in the chance to expose  them to boundless opportunities.

Ronda is currently serving as Board Chair for the Positive Results Corporation. As an advocate against Teen Dating Violence, she and Executive Director Kandee Lewis are setting yet another precedent, that of empowering young people, strengthening their self-worth and integrity while educating them with tools in which to make wise choices, alternatives to avoid living in a violent environment.

Ronda Benware is the proud mother of one daughter, Danyelle a senior attending Cal Poly Pomona, studying for a degree in Animal Health Science. Her long term plan is to open a crises center for abused and abandoned dogs.