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Promoting Healthy Manhood Conference

Promoting Healthy Manhood

On Saturday, April 7th, The Positive Results Corporation is hosting our 2nd conference for Boys and Men, “Promoting Healthy Manhood”, in collaboration with our partner Holman United Methodist Church.
This event will focus on (but not be limited to) Wellness In Relationships, Awareness & Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Building Financial Empowerment and Healthy Bodies. We believe Men can prevent and end violence and abuse which so drastically affects Women and Children of Color, African American/Black women, girls and children! Will you help us share this message, and build Allies?


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  1. I was invited to attend this event which had some great community leaders speaking about having a healthy manhood to young men that were there at the conference. Kandee and her team did a wonderful job of putting this event together. AND the food was GREAT!!