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Our target audience has seen an increase in problems affecting students, schools and the community at large. We have seen our communities, schools, employment, homes, and families decimated. We have lost sight of our goals, sense of purpose and lack self-confidence. This program will allow our youth to rediscover how proud, successful and creative they can be. As they grow, they will become the family village, stronger, vibrant, and contributing to the economic community base. When a person is taught to become self-sufficient, the community and all its members grow.

The Youth Leadership Academy will address concerns such as diversity, safety, healthy lifestyles, and effective communication, to name a few.

Students learn how to examine their self-image and its effects on behavior; set goals and keep track of personal progress; identify everyday decisions and how others may influence them; analyze problem situations, and consider the consequences of each alternative solution before making decisions; reduce stress and anxiety, and look at personal challenges in a positive light.

By participating in the Youth Leadership Academy, students will not only learn important decision-making skills to enable them to become leaders, but also be more effective in their day-to-day lives. The desired results will aid in minimizing oppression, and motivate and empower students to achieve growth, better grades and accept personal responsibility. Group discussions and projects will allow student to reevaluate long held beliefs and provides an opportunity to learn the importance of working together as a team, with diverse groups and styles.