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The Positive Results Corporation’s mission is to address Bullying, Inter-Personal/Teen Dating Violence, &  Sexual Assault in youth, young adults & communities of color.

Target Population

Our target population includes youth and young adults, female and male, primarily 10-24 years of age, and their families whose households are no-to-low income, at risk,

We aim to eliminate interpersonal violence, sexual assault and bullying by empowering individuals and families to have healthy relationships.


Our Vision is to build “Positive Results” communities to encourage a legacy of anti-violence & prevention approaches to reduce violence in our homes, schools & communities. Through education we teach people to make positive decisions about their lives & future direction, & how to establish healthy relationships. By doing so, we develop employable young adults, reduce dropout rates & unhealthy behavior. 

We believe VIOLENCE and ABUSE begins in the womb! The fetal environment plays a critical role in the early neuron processes, for better or for worse. Scientists now know that exposure to maternal stress can sometimes have harmful effects on the fetus, depending on the cause, timing, duration, and intensity of stress What we see, hear and experience, therefore BECOMES OUR REALITY! Our culture grooms children for violence and abuse.

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Are You looking for New, Engaging, Outside the Box workshops to Inspire Your Team? Interested in learning more about how Trauma impacts clients, youth, families, your team or your business?”

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