To increases awareness and reduce violence and abuse in youth and young adults of Color, it’s impact on them and their community, promote healthy relationships and build good community citizens 

Our Focus

We focus on reducing / eliminating interpersonal violence, sexual assault and bullying, developing healthy relationships and leadership.


To builds “Positive Results” communities to encourage a legacy of anti-violence and prevention approaches to reduce violence in our homes, schools and communities by educating youth, young adults and families in Communities of Color, how to make positive decisions about their lives and future direction, to reduce dropout rates, unhealthy behavior, to establish healthy relationships and develop employable young adult We Believe Violence AND Abuse begins in the womb The fetal environment plays a critical role in the early neuron processes, for better or for worse. Scientists now know that exposure to maternal stress can sometimes have harmful effects on the fetus, depending on the cause, timing, duration, and intensity of stress What we see, hear and experience, therefore BECOMES OUR REALITY! Our culture grooms children for violence & abuse

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Thanks to our new sponsors California State University @ Dominguez Hills, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Gas Co., Verizon, Holman UMC and HAVEN for supporting our teen conference,
Stop The Pain.

Thank you to Southern California Edison for sponsoring our Youth Achievers program. Details coming soon!