We build “positive results“ communities to encourage youth and families to be proactive in creating a legacy of anti-violence and prevention approaches which, ultimately, empower them in places where they live, work, worship, and educate. The results are youth and families developing leadership and character development skills to make wise choices about their personal safety and safety of others, while building a culture of youth and families who embrace and promote non-violence.


PRC’s mission is to teach leadership and character development skills, promote healthy sustainable relationships, and prevent acts and exposure to violence and high risk behaviors.

We advocate for Policy & Legislation for Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Awareness.

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Thanks to our new sponsors California State University @ Dominguez Hills, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Gas Co., Verizon, Holman UMC and HAVEN for supporting our teen conference,
Stop The Pain.

Thank you to Southern California Edison for sponsoring our Youth Achievers program. Details coming soon!